Children’s Home

Children's Home

Faith Outreach cares for the children in the various homes within its three acre campus. Faith Outreach has received the State Government’s Certificate of Recognition for its Home showing it complies with the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act of 2000/2006 Government of Odisha, (better known as JJ Act). Faith Outreach provides full care for the 805 children living in the homes. The children are between the ages of 1 to 17 years.

Each year 70 children from very poor backgrounds are admitted into the homes. The parents must bring the child’s birth and caste certificate, the parents Below Poverty Line card, Income certificate, and photograph of the family standing outside their home, The children are interviewed, photographed and then checked by the nurse for blood group etc., The children are then enrolled in the nursery class of the English Medium School. New clothes, shoes, school books and other necessities are purchased for each child.

Each home is administered by a housemistress and Child Care personnel who are responsible for the overall welfare of the children. This creates a boarding school environment, where the children live, study, eat and play together.

The total monthly budget is INR 15,00,000/- (US $ 20,000). This is approximately INR 2000 per child. In addition there are school books, and New Term Fees to be paid annually. These costs are covered by contributions from World Outreach USA, Intermission Germany, Faith Outreach New Zealand and Shekinah Church in Singapore.


Children’s clothes, blankets, sweaters, shoes, and school bags.

For further details on how to Sponsor a child, Please contact John & Della Bridge  for more information. 

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