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About Faith Outreach

Faith Outreach Odisha is the vision of one man -John Patrick Bridge. During the last 25 years, from a humble beginning of an orphanage with 4 children, John and his wife Della have built an extensive non-profit organization, which consists of:

  • The Baby Care Center, which provides a home and care for abandoned babies.
  • 7 Children's Homes, situated in Jharsuguda provide a home, clothing, education, medical care and daily food to 805 poor children.
  • 4 Day Care Centers. Two sponsored by the international organisation Intermission. Centers located in Mohiada, Sarasmal, Ganesh Nagar and Rengali provide clothing, education, medical care to 240 children.
  • A Training Centre provides training to volunteers to work as social workers in the local communities.
  • Staff - 60 people are employed by Faith Outreach.

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John & Della Bridge

About John

John Patrick Bridge was born in 1952 in England, and from very early in his life was driven to help the poor and less fortunate. At the age of 25, he set-off on foot from Belgium to India to dedicate his life to people in need. When John saw the poverty in the western tribal belt of Odisha he decided to dedicate his life for the poor and needy people of this area.

In 1983, he married Delphine (Della) Titra Gerson, a Tamil South Indian, who matched John's hunger for giving. Together they have built Faith Outreach into one of the largest non-governmental organizations in Western Odisha. In 1984 and 1985, they were blessed with a daughter, Christine, and a son, Maranatha. Because of their love for children, they adopted Samuel in 1996 and Charity Joy in 2001. John was granted full Indian citizenship in 1992.